Plotch brings together all tools and integrations in a seamless way. Plotch also puts an AI layer over all the processes and analytics to enable automation, growth and  exception handling. If you are a business owner, this is the simplest and yet most powerful ecommerce software available for e-commerce operations.

Below are some of key benefits of using Plotch:

  • Simple - easy to operate
    • Easy to use UI
    • Launch solutions in one click
    • Automate repetitive tasks using bots
    • Auto suggest actions and inputs using machine learning
    • Auto detect exceptions in operations and data
  • Comprehensive - everything in one place
    • Rich feature list
    • Seamless integration
    • Detailed high level views and drill down features
    • Real time view of sales, inventory and payment flows
  • Scalable - scale easily to higher business transactions and complexity
    • Modularity for creating new business flows and integrations
    • API and microservices architecture for scalability in growth