So what is Plotch, you might say? In short, Plotch is an AI-driven e-commerce ERP for small businesses globally. Plotch is a fully focused technology platform driving automation using AI for online businesses and it caters to all needs of an e-commerce business.

There isn't anything in e-commerce which you need and is not available in Plotch. Plotch is near complete, near perfect and near infinite in what it can do.

The reasons why Plotch is so powerful can be best understood if we share brief history of e-commerce software here.

Background: The Monolithic and The Big Bang

E-commerce software, thirty years back, would usually be a giant monolithic software stack which e-commerce companies would build on their own for their internal consumption. Hence Amazon and e-Bay ran on their own in-house custom built software suite. These bulky monolithic softwares were in most cases not suitable for small businesses as they needed more agile, simpler and readymade softwares.

Gradually, as e-commerce started to spread wings beyond the giants, thousands of companies sprang up to provide these tools as standalone softwares, either as installed or SAAS versions. In short the monolithic had a big bang moment.

These software tools would be needed for variety of e-commerce operations like payments, product cataloguing, shipment management, customer communication and query resolution, customer behaviour tracking, merchandising, product recommendations etc.

Now the small business owners could launch e-commerce businesses relatively quickly but came the complexity of the jigsaw puzzle - which to fit where and how?

Problem Statement: Jigsaw Puzzle of Too Many

So today, if you are running an e-commerce business, you will need a lot of these software tools (anywhere between 20–50 tools and integrations) to manage your business flow. These tools are inherently available in a non-cohesive way and they all need to be brought together through manual integrations — either through APIs, tracking pixels, custom javascript etc. More often than not, an integration is not even available so software tools would need excel sheet or xml uploads of data dumps.

        The Big Bang of Monolithic
The Big Bang of Monolithic

Challenges: Decision Conundrums

This creates following challenges for e-commerce business owners:

a. They need to be aware of tools available in the e-commerce ecosystem.

b. They need to put a lot of effort to choose the best ones

b. They need to hire tech developers to integrate these tools on their websites or mobile apps

c. They need to pay for these tools in ad hoc unplanned way and sometimes not even aware they are paying for a tool and not using it anymore

d. They can accidentally expose themselves to security risks

Solution: The Stitcher

 Stitching E-commerce For Simplicity
Stitching E-commerce For Simplicity

It is clear that e-commerce needs stitching and Plotch does exactly that by bringing together all tools and integrations in a seamless one click way. Also Plotch puts an AI layer over all the processes and analytics to enable automation, growth and exception handling. Plotch straddles the whole nine yards of e-commerce — from building storefronts, to enabling all backstore operations, to data crunching and deep analytics