Welcome to Plotch

Plotch was born out of passion to create e-commerce digital infrastructure for millions of small businesses in India. Soon this passion grew out of bounds and today it is used by e-commerce businesses globally.

Plotch embodies a ten year history of e-commerce learnings and experiences and uses latest AI technologies to deliver powerful features and simplicity. In our view, Plotch embodies e-commerce in the most comprehensive way. If you know Plotch, you will know e-commerce and if you know e-commerce, you will love Plotch.

What is an E-commerce ERP?
E-commerce ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software suite which helps in running and streamlining various business flows of an e-commerce business and also helps in detailed analysis of various key metrics using business raw data.

Below are key solutions available in Plotch to enable you to architect your business model the way you want to:

Sell online directly to consumer
Online Marketplace
Connect buyers and sellers for ecommerce shopping
Sell offline and online seamlessly
Create, buy, store and move inventory
Create invoices, manage payments and reconciliations
Manage documents, folders and contracts