Plotch uses artificial intelligence to delivery simplcity. It is very easy to use. It automates lot of business processes and stitches features seamlessly using simpler user interface and flows.

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Plotch has everything you would need to launch an ecommerce business. It integrates everything needed for ecommerce seamlessly so you do not need to worry about finding right tools to run your business.

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Plotch is modular and therefore built for scale which means you do not need to worry if your business is growing in complexityi or number of transactions. If you scale, we scale together seamlessly.

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Our Core Modules

Marketplace Builder

Launch and manage online marketplaces

Webstore Builder

Launch and manage your own ecommerce webstore

Mobile Appstore Builder

Launch and manage your own ecommerce mobile app

Shopping Chatbots

Launch and manage your own ecommerce chatbots

Order Management

Manage customer orders and refunds

Digital Communication

Manage sms, email, app notifications and whatsapp

Analytics and Dashboards

Deep analytics with rich dashboards


Manage shipment logisitics with seamless courier integrations

Payment Gateways

Manage multiple payment options with seamless integrations

Wallet Managment

Launch and manage your digital wallets

Omnichannel Point of Sale

Manage store sales with single online and offline checkout cart

Supply, Inventory & Warehouse Managment

Manage purchase orders, inventory inward/outward and warehouse binning


Frequently Asked Questions

What are key benefits of plotch vs other ERPs?
Key benefits of plotch over other ERPs are that it is very easy to use, has thousands of features, very affordable and can be used without any significant training by any employee in that company
How can I start using plotch?
You can register for free here by clicking the link. As a first time customer, you get 3 months free trial period and unlimited users.
Do I need a credit card to use plotch?
You do not need a credit card to start using plotch but after you have exhausted your free trial period, you would need to enter a credit card for billing purposes.
Which countries and currencies do you support?
Currently we support India with respective currency of INR
What are different plans you have?
Apart from free 3 month trial period, the paid tier plan is based on how many modules you are activating and how many user accounts you are creating for your team. You can have your own ecommerce website or mobile app starting Rs. 999 per month.
Is my business data secure?
Security is utmost important for us and we take it very seriously. We website and web services are ssl protected and we use 128 bit encryption for all our critical data communication and storage
Do I need to install any software on my PC?
No, you do not need to install any software on your PC as our software is cloud based and is accessible anytime and anywhere from any device.
Do you provide training to new customers?
We do not provide one on one training but we have a wide library of tutorials and videos which you can access here to train your employees
How do I start my ecommerce website?
First you would need to register on our website. Once you are logged in, you will see ecommerce website module launcher which can guide in simple steps on how to launch your ecommerce website.
Pay For What You Use

Pricing Plans and options

The pricing is completely based on solutions you use and number of users.

3 Month Free Trial


  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Modules
  • 3 Month Trial Period
  • Full Support
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After 3 Months

Paid/ Per Quarter

  • Starts at Rs. 999 per month
  • 10 users
  • Lowest Prices in the World
  • Full Support
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