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FEATURES Plotch Shopify BigCommerce Volusion
Ecommerce StoreFronts
Create Ecommerce Website
Build Ecommerce Mobile App
Build Shopping Chatbots
- Whatsapp Chatbot
- Messenger Chatbot
- Website Chatbot
- Mobile App Chatbot
Social Commerce
- Facebook Shopping
- Google Shopping
Third Party Marketplaces
- Amazon
- Flipkart
Ecommerce Backstore
Catalog Management
- Manually Add Products
- Bulk Upload Add Products
- AI Driven Add Products
- Make Collections or Categories
- Easily Create Product Variants
Order Management
- Create Order Manually
- Manage Online Orders
- Import Orders Using APIs
- Export Orders Using APIs
- Import Orders From Shopify
- Import Orders From Magento
- Bulk Upload Orders
- Bulk Download Orders
Shipment Management
- Create Logisitics Shipments
- Track Logisitics Shipments
Customer Communications
- Send and Manage Emails
- Send and Manage SMS
- Send and Manage Whatsapp
- Send and Manage App Notifications
Content Management and Merchandising
- Create and Manage Custom Theme
- Create and Manage Homepage
- Create and Manage Navigation Bar
- Create and Manage Carousel Widgets
- Create and Manage Static Pages
- Create and Manage Product Feed Pages
Customer Management
- Create and Manage Customers
- Bulk Download Customers
- Import Customers Through APIs
- Import Customers From Shopify
- Block High Risk Customers
Promotions Management
- Create and Manage Coupons
- Manage Price Discounts
Customer Returns and Refunds
Courier Management
- Manage Courier Priorities
- Manage Zipcode Serviceability
Ticket Management
- Create Customer Tickets
- Assign Agents
- AI Driven Ticket Responses
Online Marketplace
Seller Registration
Seller Payments
Dispute Resolution
Point of Sale App
Offline Retail Store
Single Customer View
Single Inventory View
Single Shopping Cart View
Purchase Orders
Stock Transfers
Return To Vendor
Inventory Batch Management
Job Order Management
B2B Shipments Management
Warehouse Management System
Accounting and HR
Create Invoices
Create and Manage Expense Ledgers
Create and Manage Employees
Asset Hosting
Host CDN Images
Create Datarooms
Manage Document Folders
Contract Management
Analytics and Reports
Real Time Hourly Sales
Top Selling Products
Sales Health Metrics
COD Remittances Analysis
Courier Logistic Invoice Analysis
Inventory Ageing Analysis
Top Customer Analysis
Online Wallet Analysis
Refund Metrics
Plotch App Store Free Tools
Image AI - Custom Dimensions
Create and Manage Size Charts
India GST Invoice Reader
URL Shortener
Check Domain Availability
QR Code Generator
Invoice Generator
Quick Form Builder
Quick Table Builder
India GST Verification
Read Scanned Doc
Store Locator